Makeda, mixed couples in Algeria

Portrait of Lyria (Algerian) and Safouane (Syrian/Algerian). They live in Alger, here are the words of three mixte couples, collected for Makeda:

Prisoner town

Trinidad inhabitants by their window to enjoy the fresh air in the late afternoon. The bars that seal their windows give them the look of prisoners .

Sweet Andean Awakenings

By sunrise, an avocado’s in my bed. In Turkey, it was the call to prayer, in Reading (England), the soft drizzle of rain down the windows… In Medellin...

Women don’t Touch Monks

Texte in english to come

Tug of Birth

Invited for lunch into a Miao home. I noticed a rope hanging from the ceiling, in the corner of the empty room.

The God of Chickenpox

We have 33 millions Gods. In the suburbs of Kathmandu, Pashupatinath is a must-see for tourists and devout Hindus.

Mac Kitty

I went to MacDonald’s to… fall upon Japanese perfectionisme. I know there's no point in talking about MacDonald's, but who cares, I'll do it anyway.

Gold to go

Yes of course you can withdraw gold at the ATM in Dubai.

Casually Muslim

Adidas: merging today's casualness with conventional values? When I wander out into Istanbul...