Who is the team?

International citizens and high school friends, we created the project ANEKDOTA in March 2011 on the shores of the Bosphorus. At the time, we were trying to settle one of our numerous debates on cultural differences and longed for a way to reach those who could provide us with answers from their own experience.

Read our interview (in French) on allovoyage.

What is our goal?

ANEKDOTA started by fostering a global and online community of people interested in sharing and debating intercultural experiences. We believe that the more we learn, the more we become intimate with the world’s cultures.

After gathering more than 400 intercultural experiences over the course of four years, we’ve decided to move forward and we are currently creating an association to encourage intercultural understanding.

How can you contribute ?

Share your cultural experiences with marineATshareyouranecdote.com or take part in our project (graphic/editorial/ publication expertise, sponsors).