Casually Muslim

casually-muslim2casually-muslim1Adidas: merging today’s casualness with conventional values?
When I wander out into Istanbul, my attention is regularly drawn to a unique fashion apparel worn by many of its inhabitants : their green sweatpants, preferably the Adidas version with the three white stripes.In a country where secularism remains deeply rooted since its foundation in 1923 but where, at the same time, conservatism and religion have made a strong comeback into the public sphere over the past decade, this unpublicized fashion trend could be a way to merge today’s casualness with conventional values. Indeed, despite the patriotism which caracterizes many Turks today, and which could lead one to assume that they would prefer red-colored clothing (in accordance with the ubiquitous Turkish flag), green is considered the traditional color of Islam.
Shouldn’t we therefore consider the proliferation of green sweatpants in Istanbul as a sign – or should I say a fashion statement – underlying the societal evolution of the Turkish population?