Sweet Andean Awakenings

Doux reveils andinsBy sunrise, an avocado’s in my bed In Turkey, it was the call to prayer, in Reading (England), the soft drizzle of rain down the windows… In Medellin (Colombia), waking up is rather intense: by 6:30 am, street vendors selling fruits and vegetables, mops, newspapers, masamora, flowers and more, swarm the streets. This is dedicated to my friend, the aguacateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee madurooooooooooooo* vendor. Sure, the first few days, you’re a bit grumpy, atop your 11th floor, you point down your finger, but in time, you get used to it and come to cherish your little street vendors, mainly when you dawn on the heat in which they work! You cherish them almost to the point that I would climb out of bed to buy a few of his aguacates… * ripe avocado