White Rage

White Rage 1

My friends tell me the biggest struggle for Qatar is road rage. Now before you laugh and dismiss this issue, it’s that important that companies dispense defensive driving courses for incoming expat employees and if our friends weren’t saving money, they wouldn’t be here, risking their safety in the streets.

Most Qatari drive a white SUV: white because of the heat and the dust, SUV because it’s good for the desert. The richer you are, the bigger the car though, and yet they do also drive a few smaller but flamboyant sports cars!

Most of all though, many Qatari text-and-drive, race, and swerve to talk – or insult – another car. You would think they could do that in the desert where nobody except themselves could get hurt, and I’ve heard they do, but they also do it in residential neighborhoods. I did see many reminders along the road, but with that sense of entitlement, the desire to show-off, and cars probably being one of the few private space available, white glossy four-wheelers are not done raging here!